XtraOrdinary Women was founded in 2007 and is a platform that Leads, Inspires, Supports and Recognises Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa.

It takes a community to build a business, and XtraOrdinary Women is that community. We are passionate about helping women entrepreneurs and encouraging them to DREAM BIG and to live their life with purpose!

Our events are aimed at providing inspiration and business knowledge to women entrepreneurs. 

Our promise

To inspire success and to create a platform for magic to happen.

Our purpose

To encourage and support Ordinary Women to do Extraordinary Things.

Our vision

To support the South African economy by building a community of successful women in business and to showcase what South Africa has to offer.


Showing the way for women who want to live their lives with purpose and make a meaningful contribution to the world.


Dedicated to inspiring success, passionate about dreaming big and creating a platform for magic to happen.


A unique and supportive network of success-minded women, a community of women, for women, by women.


A community that celebrates and embraces each women’s unique story while still finding resonance with one another.

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