Which problem zone is your marketing operating in?

August 8, 2019

As a business owner marketing your own business, there is a constant juggling of money, skill and time. How do you know the next step is the right one?

Consider some examples of the different problem zones your business may be in when it comes to marketing:

  • A1: Sufficient marketing skill and sufficient time, but limited money. How do you know you’re spending your limited resources in the correct way?
  • A2: Sufficient marketing skill, but limited time and limited money. How do you know you’re using your skills in the correct way and not wasting limited time and money?
  • D1: Limited time and limited money, but enough time to invest into learning new skills. How do you know which areas to upskill?

Simply Colossal has created a quiz to help you quickly identify your potential problem zone and how to fix it.

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