What a press office is and why your business might need one

April 22, 2019

Do enough locals know about your business, product, or non-profit organisation? If not, you may need an online press office.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a press office is “…the part of an organization that is responsible for giving information to journalists” who then go out and spread the news.

Consider “What’s up, Cape Town?” your journalist. If your business has anything newsworthy, noteworthy, informative or entertaining, hand it over to us and we’ll add it to your online press office and spread it to the locals. We’ll help create an awareness of what you do and support you in achieving your online marketing goals.

Before getting into what a press office on our platform is, let’s first figure out its value. Take a moment to consider your current marketing activities. What marketing channels do you use? How much money, time, and effort do you spend? Are you making sure your website is being kept current and compliant? Are you keeping up with the latest tools, tips, and tricks?

In a nutshell: On a scale of 1-10, how much effort are you putting into your online marketing activities and what are the returns?

Now consider what you get with a press office on “What’s up, Cape Town?”

1. A branded header with a clear call-to-action button

What goal are you trying to reach with your online marketing efforts? We can create a call-to-action button for every goal. Click on some of our live examples.

Creative crafting in an inclusive café environment

Sibylle Stehli

Shine your Light Brightly

BSR Kenilworth
Jean-Pierre Marais
9 Ivanhoe Flats, 1 Braeside Rd, Kenilworth, 7708

2. A customised footer with all your contact details and social media links

Here are some examples.

29 Silverwater St
Cape Town

Tuesday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

3. A profile page that includes your branded header and footer with more information about what you do

Browse through our live profile pages: Profiles

4. A fully branded blog template for all your press releases from special offers to case studies

Browse through our blog posts to see it in action: Blog posts

5. This all comes together as your press office

Browse through our press offices to see the end result: Press offices

6. And if that's not enough, here are some behind-the-scenes benefits:

  • Every page is optimised for speed and performance.
  • Not sure what to write about? We’ll pop in at your venue and take some pictures, or we’ll repurpose your existing content on your website and social media posts and make it current.
  • Your press office and posts are promoted on the “What’s up, Cape Town?” Facebook page, which is growing by the day.
  • You get a monthly Google Analytics report that tells you what’s working and what’s not with insights into your potential buyers’ behaviour and demographics. You can use this information to scale up your marketing campaigns on other platforms.
  • You receive ongoing marketing support from Simply Colossal for as long as you press office remains live.

So…would a press office on “What’s up, Cape Town?” help you achieve your online marketing goals? Click here to check out our price and payment options.

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