September events are all about customers, love, and soul!

August 16, 2019

Helderberg Networking Event: 05 September

TOPIC: Your Business – From a Customers Point of View

Business owners and entrepreneurs work so hard in their business, they often forget their customers have a perception about their personal and corporate brand.

Have you ever taken time to consider who your customers really are?
And what they are looking for?
Why are they attracted to you and your brand? Read more…

Coastal Networking Event: 10 September

TOPIC: Doing Business with Love

Old school thinking is all about, “It’s not what you know that matters, it’s who you know.” Or “Doing what you love is not always a “responsible and lucrative” career.

Well we now know differently. We know that what you put out there you receive back. We know that the more passion and love we work with, the more of the same will return to us.

Does it make sense that, if we say what you do – if done with love – it will return to you in the same way? Read more…

Holistic Networking Event: 14 September

Come Feed Your Soul & Join Us for a Morning of Personal Growth & Development.
TOPIC: Conscious Dance

We hear about flow and allowing life to flow. Do we remember our body and physical movement and the power this has in our life?

Join us as Brian shares with us his personal journey and experience with conscious dance and how it helped him through a very difficult time in his life.

Brian will share:….Read more…

Twitter Chat: 26 September

TOPIC: Top Sales Tools to Run Your Business Effectively

There is a saying that Entrepreneurship is 80% Sales and Marketing & 20% Perseverance. As entrepreneurs, Sales is something that is often dreaded and because of it, neglected. Sales still carries a stigma and it is Karen’s job to help each and every one of you discover not only the fun in Sales, but also to help you make Sales part of your daily schedule the easy way.

Karen will share some sales tools and strategies with us so that you can implement them readily to start seeing tangible productivity results which will ultimately lead to a growth in sales….Read more…

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