Press offices

What is a press office?

A press office on What’s up, Cape Town? is mini-website where all a member’s blog posts are displayed in one central  place. We’re consistently loading content during our launch months. Would you like to list your business? Learn more about our launch offer for local business owners.

All Radiant Hearts Press Office

All Radiant Hearts Press Office

Sally Britton offers tools, tips, and techniques for energy healing and related modalities. Read More
The Signature Chef's Press Office

The Signature Chef’s Press Office

See our monthly pre-prepared menus for your health and convenience. We bring back all the flavours and passion of home-cooking... but without you doing the work. Read More
Natalia Baker's Press Office

Natalia Baker’s Press Office

Natalia Baker, Press Offices
Be drawn into Natalia Baker's adventures as she shares on her press office. Read More
XtraOrdinary Women's Press Office

XtraOrdinary Women’s Press Office

Keep up to date with the XtraOrdinary Women network and see what women entrepreneurs in Cape Town are up to. Read More
Body Stress Release Kenilworth's Press Office

Body Stress Release Kenilworth’s Press Office

Jean-Pierre Marais, the owner of Body Stress Release Kenilworth, shares his powerful stories of what BSR can do to help your body heal. Read More

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