Practical Wisdom May 2019: Forgiveness

May 9, 2019

"The greatest of all gifts is to say 'I forgive'” - St Germain

I recently met a woman who was enraged. The emotion was towards her husband who had just died. A very psychic friend described how her anger towards him was preventing him moving on and keeping him trapped in the shadows, the lower astral, referred to as hell in several ancient scriptures. I gather his behaviour in this life had not been impeccable but because of her fury he could not continue on his journey to a place of reviewing his life and ultimately, hopefully, recovery and healing. I share this with you because it is a clear example of the complete necessity for forgiveness. What we do not resolve continues into the afterlife and the next earthly life.

An issue you have with another may be a reflection of your inner state, for instance neglect or abuse can occur because of very low in self-esteem which case your inner work will be to grow in confidence and self-worth, become empowered with clear boundaries. Self-love would be a powerful ingredient in your healing.

It may be that you look at a relationship and in complete honesty and integrity ask yourself ‘Am I creating this? Is it me?’. It may be that you have come to the point of recognising you are a Being of Light, wisdom, love and compassion and you can say ‘I forgive you’ because you know the other person does not have the consciousness to be any different. You understand where this person is coming from, you have insight into the reasons they behave as they do. You do not judge for you know they come from hurt, misery and unresolved pain. This is how they shaped their lives. When you fully understand this and you truly see it for what it is, you realise it has NOTHING to do with you. You are at the point where you are free, liberated. It is forgiveness which enables you to come to that point and say ‘Thank you, I have learnt, I have forgiven, I am free, I am joyful’.

Remember we live in a multi-dimensional world and we are all connected. By healing yourself, being able to forgive, you also give the other person a chance to heal, so you are healing yourself, the other person and the situation.

Once you can forgive you are able to expand in consciousness because you release what keeps you small and constricted. I believe you will even get to the point where you are able to say ‘I am sorry I even thought of you in such a way’. You forgive yourself as you forgive another and can add ‘Thank you for the experience!’. You are polishing up your soul!

If you are struggling with forgiveness please look at the two processes below but if you are being seriously abused I encourage you to ask for professional help. They are both very powerful and effective. None of us want to leave this life with regrets or unfinished business muttering ‘I could have … I should have …’ O dear, no! Let’s be in the joy of having lived this life in the best way we could so we feel gratitude for life itself.

Lastly, why would St Germain say that forgiveness is the greatest of all gifts? Because it is the hardest and therefore the greatest. Forgiveness comes from Divine Love.


1. Call in your guides and ask for the protection of Archangel Michael. State your intention. Relax on the breath and enter into an altered state of consciousness. Visualise in front of you the shoes of the person you wish to forgive. Carefully and deliberately step into them and give yourself a moment to really feel how it is to be them. 

How do they feel about their life in general? Themselves? Where are they hurting? What is their passion? Their successes, passion, strengths, weaknesses? How do they feel about themselves? 

You may have other questions. Take your time. Bathe the person in golden light and speak your heart to them. When you have finished come back to yourself. If you now have understanding and insight you can move towards forgiveness. You may have to do the process again.

2. Decording. This is incredibly helpful and removes all the negative energy between you and the other person but I do not have the space here to describe it in full. Either e-mail me for a written copy (contact form below) or find it on the CD Meditation for Authentic Power.

With loving blessings,

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