Practical Wisdom June 2019: Living in the new energy

June 4, 2019

The New Energy is limitless, yes limitless. Living in it is like putting on new clothes. It is the most important step forward we will ever take.

In the old energy there was much pushing and forcing. Life was effort. What we wanted was “out there” and we had to work for it whether a job, applying ourselves diligently to our spiritual disciplines, keeping healthy, putting huge energy into making a relationship work. In the old way we had to struggle for results and progress. We had to earn them. We are now discovering none of this is true.

The New Energy holds everything for us: abundance, prosperity, joy, love, peace, fulfilment, harmony, compassion, creativity, inspiration, beauty, connection. We create by simply expressing what we want clearly with intentions and choices and it comes to us. It is that simple. A dear friend, truly living in the New Energy, employs several people. When someone is not performing she notices, makes a statement inwardly of what she would like and asks for it to be changed. She only asks once and it happens seamlessly. The person either moves on or changes within the work environment. Isn’t this the most graceful and easy way in which you could bring about a change? Incidentally, she only ever asks once.

In the New energy there is a lightness of being, rejoicing, gratitude for everything we are, we do, we breathe, we experience. We see it all as gifts and there is appreciation for the opportunities to grow, expand, serve and for financial rewards. Personally I often just say “thank you” today. It’s enough.

So many of us are working on trust. In the New Energy it won’t be necessary because we will be so in the flow, we will know we live and move and have our being in the life stream which is the Divine. There is no separation and we will truly claim ourselves as being part of the Creator, both the dark and the light of ourselves.

Changing our orientation sounds wonderful but it creates a huge stress on our bodies because we are altering the way we are, bringing energy into the body. The manner in which energy is naturally distributed in the body also changes. According to what I have studied this changes the DNA and this is what gradually transforms our bodies into Light Bodies, or the Free Energy Body as Adamus, St Germain prefers to call it. Before this can happen though we need to be fully living in the New Energy. It may be of interest to you to know that our bodies are very different to what they were 10 years ago and they will be unrecognisable in another 10 years. For most of us this physical change is not something of which we are aware.

Accessing the New Energy is very much related to relieving ourselves of the burden of old belief systems which have infiltrated every aspect of our lives and being. This is such an important topic that I intend to make it the subject for the July Practical Wisdom.

Most of us are at the doorway to the New Energy, we are in a transition stage. Soon there will be no efforting, struggling, no trying. All we have to do is to be willing, to let go and allow, allow, allow.

Loving blessings,

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