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New Super Moon in Virgo – Grounded and Courageous

August 30, 2019

This new moon will peak at 12h37 in Cape Town South Africa.

This moon is called a Super Moon because it is passing in very close proximity to Earth and is the closest to Earth it has been so far this year.  As the moon has an energetic pull on the Earth and also in such close proximity, it means that things will be amplified on all levels.


Mindfulness Tip – Conscious Choice vs Default Setting

Remember to set your intention / choice / wish for some extra magic and sparkle. 

This is important as you have free will in each moment. So choosing consciously what you would like this moon cycle to bring you will allow things to align, come into harmony and synchronize with what you choose… 

There have also been solar flares (huge emissions of light and energy bursting from our Sun) and solar storms. What this means is that these powerful energies and turbulences do impact Earth. The first set of energy waves resulting from these phenomena reached us on Monday and Tuesday this week. I felt it very strongly this time and had a racing mind, restlessness, disturbed sleep, weird – really weird – dreams, lost my appetite and had energy levels spike and drop many times in a day.

Everything in my body felt like it was in over-drive and the emotions followed suit. This time I had huge fear surfacing and I needed to stay really focussed on the present moment, breathe and give myself permission to just let then pass through and leave. 

The next wave of energy from the two phenomena mentioned above will impact Earth and us on Sunday and Monday of the coming week – 1st and 2nd September.

Please be kind to yourself and watch for signs that you are not ‘thinking, feeling or being as usual. 

Keep in mind that even though we cannot see a new moon as it is dark in the sky, the effects are still keenly felt. Just because you cannot see it does not mean it is not there!


The Virgo Influence

The energy of Virgo is about goals, detail and more detail. Beware of becoming lost in the details to the extent that you lose sight of the bigger picture and feel as if you are being de-railed. Virgo is also a very earthy, grounded energy and so it is a great time over the next 2 weeks of this energetic influence to set goals and intentions and then put some detail to them. You will have the drive and vision to put this together, so quit stalling on projects you have wanted to get off the ground. With the extra input of drive, energy and focus you can now give yourself permission to courageously embrace your heart and its desires, voice your truth to yourself and to those you love and literally go full steam ahead. 

Virgo is also about health and the physical body and so you may find yourself setting new goals in this area as well. What is it that your body and lifestyle need for a health and lifestyle make-over? Act on the inspiration you get and start with the first step. 


Numerology of this New Moon

This New Super Moon is happening at 6 degrees and this means it is a very grounded, stable, nurturing, supportive energy. This number also signifies home, family, love and compassion. Find what makes you feel at home, what nurtures and supports your body, mind and soul and have compassion and love for yourself. Remember that all things are amplified under a Super Moon, so go ahead and indulge yourself and make the most of this time!


What you may be experiencing:

  • Having a desire to go within
  • Connecting deeply with the part of you that has your bigger picture and only wants the best for you
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Simultaneously feeling tired and wired
  • Heightened awareness and inspiration
  • Sudden insights and bursts of creativity
  • Things which used to work for you don’t anymore
  • Energy levels in over-drive followed by complete fatigue
  • Emotions such as irritability, restlessness, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, chaos, feeling out-of-sorts for no apparent reason
  • A fabulous ability to manifest abundance and all good things into your life which you have been desiring for a really long time

Remember that the effects of each moon phase last for about 2 weeks, until the next new or full moon. So take a deep breath and know you are not going mad or imagining things!


How you can best navigate this period:

  • Stop the negative self-talk
  • Bring yourself back onto balance 
  • Breathe
  • Meditate
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Be out in nature and/or go for walks
  • Focus purely on the present moment
  • Take time out to BE – ‘looking out into the sky’ time – for 10 to 20 minutes
  • Write down new goals / intentions, the first step needed and then act on it
  • Nurture your physical body with whatever it needs to support it through this time and remember that you know what is best for you

 Energetic protection (be responsible)

I have found that in these times of so much drastic change happening all around, I am more sensitive on an energetic level. I realised that I need to be responsible and protect myself. 


How I energetically protect myself

The first thing I do is to clear my energy field and body by imagining a beautiful shower of pristine water flowing down from above me and washing through my entire energy field and body; spring-cleaning out any energy which does not serve me. I then protect myself with a beautiful ball of light which has a colour or colours which feel appropriate for me at the time. I intend that this ball of protective light fully protects me on all levels and that I am always safe and only that which best serves me will resonate with me. I do this in the morning and evening and whenever needed during the day. My invitation to you is to try it and customize it so it feels comfortable for you. Have fun!

Sending all Love, Light and Compassionate Blessings 😊

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