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New Moon in Scorpio – Hidden Truths Revealed

October 27, 2019

This potent New Moon peaks on Monday 28 October 2019 at 05h38 in Cape Town.

This is turning out to be one heck of a ride. One day can be flowing, balanced and easy and the next day you wonder whether you are on a different planet as everything looks and feels completely different!


Mindfulness Tip – Conscious Choice vs Default Setting

Remember to set your intention / choice / wish for some extra magic and sparkle. 

This is important as you have free will in each moment. So choosing consciously what you would like this moon cycle to bring you will allow things to align, come into harmony and synchronize with what you choose. 


Scorpio Moon signifies

A time for a resetting of values and re-looking at your commitments when it comes to change. Are you flowing with it or fighting against it? With change comes fear and so it is also a time to really look at your deepest fears, face them and let them go. We cannot run and we cannot hide from fear as it will keep on hunting us down until we have the courage to turn around and face them…head-on. Only then can we come to peace and work in tandem with the changes that may show up suddenly, intensely and unexpectedly in our lives. If you were hoping for an easier ride, sorry to disappoint.             


It is also about power, what it feels like to be powerless and how to find the balance in what power means to you. 


Mercury Retrograde

With the added significance of Mercury turning retrograde, we are being pulled to go within even more. Together, this calls for some deep introspection and it cannot be avoided. You will keep experiencing things which trigger certain aspects until you are brave enough to say “I am done with this!” And then do the work needed to bring release, closure and completion. 



New Moon also means that the light of the sun does not reflect on the moon – that is why it is dark when we look from our perspective on Earth. It is an invitation for us to shine the light on ourselves and illuminate that which needs to be let go of. For me this is perfect balance between masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves:

  • The sun is masculine in energy and it takes action by shining light on the dark parts of ourselves;
  • The moon is feminine in energy and symbolises our emotions and shadow aspects which can now be brought to the light and released – often through the avenue of the emotions (e-motion or energy-in-motion).

What I have been experiencing

It has been an interesting time and things have not always turned out according to (my) plan…when I am making plans, the Universe and Life are making other plans 😊


I have had a heaviness on my heart and in my solar plexus and realised that I have been tested various times to check if I am standing in my truth and expressing it. The intermittent nausea and light-headedness have been a challenge, as well as the fluctuating energy levels. Some days things are really synchronistic and other days I feel like I am standing knee-deep in mud and everything is slow and sluggish. Some days I have clarity and clear thinking and other days I am walking around in a fog and struggling to get even the simplest thing done. So the biggest lesson for me has been to have deep compassion for all that I am going through and to really take care of the physical body. Self-Love has been KEY!


So if you have been feeling any or all of this, know that you are on track to where you are headed!


How you can best support yourself at this time:

  • Let go of secrets, shadows, old wounds, habitual ways;
  • Make an inventory of where you are in your life, relationships, physical health, work / career and also what you wish for;
  • Clean something out, eg drawer, cupboard, garage, car, garden. This will freshen things up and help clear the internal clutter;
  • Be gentle with yourself. When you are going through a personal-growth-spurt, your productivity in the outer world will diminish as you are more focussed on the inner world;
  • Bring balance into your life by scheduling time out in nature, meditating, resting, going for walks, having salt baths and staying hydrated;
  • Dream BIG, keep the faith and trust that you are being guided each step of the way, always.

Sending all Love, Light and Compassionate Blessings


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