May networking events for women…and some for men

April 20, 2019

Planning your networking events for May? If not, maybe you should. See XtraOrdinary Women networking breakfasts in your area.

Helderberg Networking Event: 02 May

TOPIC: Authenticity – A Currency for Success

“In a world full of fake, nothing’s more precious than real”. This renowned fruit juice brand couldn’t have said it better. The clarion call for authenticity has reached a deafening pitch.

How has your brand responded?

Are your PR tactics perceived as genuine by your target audience?

Catherine Milward-Bridges invites you to have those real and uncomfortable conversations with self that will set your brand apart. Read more…

Coastal Networking Event: 14 May

TOPIC: Shift Your Mindset from Stress to Flow

Living in stress, struggle and overwhelm as a business owner or entrepreneur impacts on health, creativity, finances, relationships and so much more.

This talk will help you understand which state of mind you are in and give you 3 tools that you can easily apply that will help you move into a state of flow and ease. You will come away feeling light and amazed at how simple it is to get into a state of flow. Read more…

Holistic Networking Event: 18 May

TOPIC: To Be Advised


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