Introducing the Honeybun Foundation

August 30, 2019

The Honeybun Foundation is a Cape Town based NPO founded by Stephen Langman in 2014. The community of the Victoria Lodge Informal Settlement in Southfield serves as the foundation for this NPO. After volunteering by feeding the community, Stephen quickly realised that they were in desperate need of assistance when it came to having their basic needs met. 

Since then, the Honeybun Foundation has grown in terms of membership and has worked very closely with the Victoria Lodge Informal Settlement.

The foundation has donated time, money, and resources to improving the lives of the individuals belonging to this very loving, very grateful community. It has worked hard to get donations from various companies and small businesses. Over the last few months, the foundation has received generous donations from various individuals, bakeries, and second-hand clothing stores. 

The Honeybun Foundation is working nonstop in trying to provide more support in terms of education and furthering the skillset of this community, including volunteers, as well as infrastructure. This has proven to be quite a challenge as permission needs to be obtained from various departments. However, as challenging as gaining assistance and permission has been, the efforts are ongoing. 

The Honeybun Foundation is now hoping to expand its influence to old age homes, safe homes, orphanages, and shelters. It hopes to make regular visits and donations with the help of volunteers, bearing in mind its four pillars:

  • self-sustainability,
  • health and nutrition,
  • education;
  • and overall growth. 

It is growing its support in numbers and can be reached for any enquiries on Facebook and Instagram. Our founder, Stephen, may be contacted directly on 0713825455.

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