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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces – Centering and Responsibility

September 12, 2019
This Micro Full Harvest Moon in Pisces is peaking at 06h33 in Cape Town

This is called a micro moon even though it is a full moon because it is furthest away from Earth when it peaks. It is therefore the opposite of a super moon and technically the effects are less intense. However, many other planetary alignments are bringing on the intensity so this may over-ride the less intense energies of the moon.


It is also called a Harvest Moon as it is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. All the learnings, lessons, insights and things you have been putting into place are rewarding you with wins, breakthroughs, deeper connections, etc.


Mindfulness Tip – Conscious Choice vs Default Setting
Remember to set your intention / choice / wish for some extra magic and sparkle.

This is important as you have free will in each moment. So choosing consciously what you would like this moon cycle to bring you will allow things to align, come into harmony and synchronize with what you choose.


My Experience
I have had an extremely challenging week even though I have been diligently doing the inner and outer work that I have been guided to do. And so when the extreme anxiety, fear, cash-flow challenges and the emotions of sadness and helplessness surfaced it came as a big surprise. I realised that the way for me to navigate this past week has been to rely on my skills of staying calm, centred and above all…Present.


So when my mind was racing, my heart was beating like crazy and nothing made sense anymore except surrendering to the tears and letting them flow, I found that by being either in supportive company and alone in nature was my return to sanity.


Physical symptoms I have experienced is a see-saw of either great energy levels and in an hour or less I will have extreme fatigue. I have had to adjust to the ebb and flow and do the best I can with what is needing to be done each day.


The KEY for me has been to just fully – and I mean fully with absolutely no resistance on any level – accept that this is the way it is right now and it, too, shall pass. I also gave myself permission to take the time out when I needed to and things passed more easily and quickly through doing these things.


I trust that by the sharing of my experience some of it resonates with you and can help you to navigate this time.


What you may be experiencing:

  • Feeling over-sensitive
  • Heart fluttering / palpitations
  • Crying for absolutely no logical reason
  • Emotions of fear, anxiety, lack, powerlessness
  • Disempowering thoughts and words seemingly coming out of nowhere
  • Judgemental and critical thoughts towards others and especially towards yourself
  • Communication may be challenging so check if you are doing more talking than listening or vice versa and bring this into balance

How you can best navigate this time

Remember that the effects of this moon phase last about two weeks, so use what you need to in this time to keep yourself balanced, centred, and present!

  • Allow your heart to lead
  • Be in nature and connect to the Earth
  • Rest as much as you can, even short naps help
  • Take personal responsibility for all areas of your life
  • Act on what you love even when your mind strongly disagrees
  • Choose grace, ease, flow, creativity, trust, compassion and forgiveness
  • Staying hydrated is crucial as it helps the body to clear the emotions etc which are needing to be released
  • Open into gratitude for all the blessings and gift you have in your life and this will also help shift the energy within in a very powerful way

Sending all Love, Light and Compassionate Blessings 😊

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  1. Hi Rose
    Thank you for your comment. It is a total affirmation of how I write. It makes me incredibly happy that you got so much value from this 🙂

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