Energy medicine as a means of healing

August 7, 2019

There is enough scientific evidence today to prove that there is an energetic component to the body. As people move more into alignment with their own innerwisdom, they will intuitively know that true recovery from a health issue requires a more holistic approach – personal awareness, energy healing of some description,as well as perhaps the more traditional view of medicine.

We are a soul with a body, rather than a body with soul. Surely it makes sense to consider that you cannot heal the body alone, without taking into account its energetic counterpart? All illness\ disturbances manifest in the energy field before showing up in the physical body. It stands to reason that for true healing to take place, the current energy patterns causing the problems need to be recalibrated through energy work.

There are many systems and modalities available today that can support the energy field in the recovery process, such as Acupuncture, BodyTalk, Body Stress Release, Reiki, Jin Shin Jitsu – and many other energy medicine avenues. They all in different ways, access and channel universal frequencies that activate self-healing mechanisms and work with the vast intelligence of the human body to orchestrate its own healing. 

To watch an energy healer at work click here – although my style is slightly different, the principles are the same.



I have a special gift to see with absolute clarity what a person needs to uplift them from where they are, and facilitate a powerful vibrational frequency shift, so the body’s resonance with “the issue” has changed, and healing can begin.

Insights reveal why a person is stuck, what they are carrying that can be let go of, why the pain and how discomfort has manifested the way it has, and what the struggles are. I have the ability to draw on energies from the universal field and harness them to the area where help is needed so that a person transcends their current experience by changing their vibrational frequency. The resonance to what is being held in the body and energy field begins to shift. You could call it vibrational medicine!

It is possible for me to make a significant and powerful difference to any situation that a person may be currently dealing with, involving body, mind or spirit. Bringing an energy component into a healing process opens up limitless possibilities to truly uplift and transform a person’s life.


Sally Britton


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