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8:8 Lion’s Gate of Abundance

August 7, 2019

The date of 08 August – 08:08 – is HUGELY significant and an incredible gateway of divine manifestation and abundance

Historical Significance

This date is significant as it is a time when the star system Sirius – comprised of 2 stars called Sirius A and B – aligns directly over the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. When this occurs, it signals a time of incredible fertility and abundance as this was the signal for the Egyptians that the time had come when the Nile rises and fertilises the fields of crops with its rich waters. The Nile would then recede and the seeds which had been planted would have the bounty of the river to nourish them and yield abundant crops.



Modern Significance

The good news is that we do not have to plant crops in Egypt to tap into this important event! Yes, the star Sirius will still align over the pyramids. This opens the gateway for all of us to utilise the energetic imprint which it offers.


We have been going through many changes during the year and seeds which we have planted up until now get a boost of divine blessings at this time. It is therefore of utmost importance to be really clear about what you wish to harvest in the months coming up. This relates to all aspects of life – both internal and external.



So be clear about what you want to have in your life with respect to:

  • relationships, family, home, adventures, experiences, social
  • career, finances, investments
  • who you wish to be, your purpose, how you wish to feel about yourself and your life

It is extremely important to stay positive and be acutely aware of any negative thoughts and limiting patterns, beliefs and behaviours. If you cannot be positive, be neutral and do not entertain negative thoughts.



In my experience:

I have diligently been putting out my intentions, doing the inner work, staying positive and noticing the signs (such as repetitions of the number 8) along the way. They are road-markers from my Soul-GPS to let me know that I am on track. It has not been easy as I have had a challenging road to walk for many years now. This has resulted in huge growth and expansion internally. I also have the human attributes of losing faith, wanting to give up and walk away and being ‘done with it all’. So I acknowledge and accept this part of me that feels this way on the odd occasion and move forward again. When things take time to materialise in our physical reality, it can be a challenge to keep the faith without any ‘evidence’ which can be seen, touched, heard, etc. So for anyone that is struggling with the same or similar situation, now is NOT the time to give up and walk away. Pull on all reserves of courage, faith, hope and trust you have and allow them to guide you through this important time.



Significance of the number 8 and the Lion
8 is a powerhouse number!


It signifies abundance, power (our personal power) and symbolises the ongoing cycle of “As above, so below and as within, so without”.


We live in an incredibly abundant universe – one in which there is plenty and in which constant growth and expansion occurs. It is a universe of ‘more’. We intrinsically have this energy within us as well – it is our limitations which we have picked up along the way that influence us to think and be otherwise. So what we predominantly think about, we bring about as our external reality is purely a reflection of our internal reality.


August is month 8 of the year and on day 8 of an 8 month we have a fabulous bonus of divine abundance to call on and to fertilise the seeds of our dreams and desires so that they grow into this magnificent harvest. The energetic imprint of this time is present whether we are aware of it or not or whether we believe it or not.


Lions are known for their confidence, strength and power.

Call on Lion energy to infuse you with these qualities so that you can dream BIG. Take confident steps in the direction of your dreams while feeling strong and powerful within. Who you are matters and who you become is significant!



Suggestions to put the odds in your favour for winning your Divine Lottery

  • Stay away from negative news, drama and gossip.
  • Set powerful, positive intentions and dream big. Really BIG.
  • Write up a ‘manifestation list’ of all the things you would like to bring into harvest.
  • Be in gratitude for all the blessings you do have in your life – small and big – they all count.
  • Only affirm that which you wish to bring about.  State it in the positive as saying “don’t want …” keeps the focus on what you do not want.
  • Keep your thoughts, words and actions positive and empowering – at the very least, stay neutral.
  • Look within for where things are not aligned. Change what no longer serves.
  • Look after yourself by being kind to yourself as you are a magnificent work-in-progress. When last did you praise yourself? When last did you do something just for you that feeds your heart and fills you with joy?
  • Notice the times you see 8 / 88 / 888 / 8888 around you (as well as other combos such as 111, 222, 333, 444, etc.) It could be in phone numbers, on till slips and car number plates. When you do see these signs, be grateful and allow yourself to think and feel abundant.
  • Notice you may be feeling positive, energised and in alignment. 
  • You may have sudden changes, unexpected endings and new beginnings happening.

Final Thought
If you can, be aware of 08h08 tomorrow morning and remember the intention/s you wish to bring about. You are quadrupling up the energy – 08h08 on 8:8 – and amplifying the magic!


Sending all rich, abundant blessings 😊


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